Lily and the Fairy

From award winning author and illustrator, Jane Tanner, Lily and the Fairy House is an enchanting children's picture book. This beautiful and detailed story is the sequel to best seller “Isabella's Secret” and will definitely not disappoint. The book is about the secret and magical wonder in any child's backyard.

Lily knows that fairies live near the gum tree. She has created a fairy house with a rose petal bed and a gum leaf table, and today she is preparing a fairy party. . .
But will the fairies come and play?
Lily and the Fairy House is pure wish-fulfilment, a magical fairy book for girls of all ages. The perfect companion to the bestselling Isabella's Secret.


Lily and the Fairy House features native Australian flora and fauna. It can be purchased from all good book retailers.

About the author

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Jane Tanner is one of Australia's most beloved children's author/illustrators. Creator of many best selling children's books, she documents here the process of creating her newest picture book, Lily and the Fairy House.The pictures were first drawn in blacklead on watercolour paper and coloured with watercolours, soft pastel and coloured pencil.   Enjoy!


Text and Illustrations copyright © Jane Tanner, 2012

Activity for children: Making a Leaf Boat.pdf